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Testimonials for David Stocks SQHP, GHR(Reg), CNHC, RSM Clinical Hypnotherapist at  Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy
2 Crowhill Road, Dalgety Bay
  DunfermlineFifeKY11 9LJ Scotland
01383 821177

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Address(Y) Fife Sleeplessness anxiety * * * *    Top4/5

Because this was a step into the unknown, I was very unsure on contacting David with my problem. The first session was vey helpfull, after telling him of my situation, he explained what form the treatment would take, which gave me confidence. Over the next few weeks I gradually started to relax and enjoy our sessions. The techniques he gave me has helped me tackle my problems and I am now well on the way to getting my life back on track.

Address(W) Kirkliston Weight Loss * * * * *    Top5/5

A great service. I would have no problems recommending David to anybody. Thanks

Address(W) Fife Depression/anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

Having suffered from deep underlying problems (which I wasn't aware were still there) I went to see David and after a few hypnotherapy sessions my life is on a much better path and I can rid myself of negative thoughts quite easily. To be truthful, I wasn't quite sure what to expect at my first consultation, however I needn't have worried as David put me at ease right away. He explained how hypnotherapy works and I can't thank him enough for the difference he has made to my life - thank you David

Address(Y) Fife Smoking, tremor * * * * *    Top5/5

Just a quick note to compliment you on the hypnotherapy you provided for me. It has been a total success and I had very little cravings since the sessions. I was have not felt the need to seek extra products to help me i.e. inhalers. It was well worth the money, I did not mention at the time I suffer from a tremor in my hands and I have been advised it is a hereditary matter and beta blockers are the solution which I would never use. Since then the tremor has reduced by around 80% which is a big bonus for me. The main thing I have not smoked again since my last session 4 months ago, thanks for your assistance.

Address(W) Dalgety Bay Driving test anxiety * * * *    Top4/5

I decided to try hypnotherapy as a last resort after failing my driving test 6 times. To begin with I was unsure if hypnotherapy would work for me as in sessions I didn't feel as though I was being hypnotised. However, David explained that hypnotism wasn't about "falling asleep" or anything so there is nothing to worry about. After around 4 or 5 sessions I took my driving test for the seventh time and ended up passing! Money very well spent.

Address(Y) Fife Weight Loss * * * * *    Top5/5

I went to David after years of unsuccessful dieting. Nothing ever lasted and I was getting heavier each year. I had six sessions with David and am now steadily losing weight. It was an enjoyable experience and I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone struggling to overcome whatever issues are blighting their lives. Thanks David!

Address(Y) Dunfermline Abuse Survivor - no longer a victim * * * * *    Top5/5

I will be eternally grateful to David for freeing me from the trauma of my past. I cannot recommend his treatment highly enough.

Address(Y) Fife Anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

I went to see David a few months ago because I was feeling a sense of dread and anxiety about my day to day life that I knew was irrational and felt that hypnotherapy might help to address this. After about 6 sessions I felt there was a dramatic improvement in my outlook and reduction in feeling of anxiety. If you are unsure if David can help you, give him a call first and he can talk to you about how he can support you and how hypnotherapy works. He is a very pleasant person and the hypnotherapy sessions were very relaxing. Give it a go!

Address(W) Dunfermline anxiety, depression * * * * *    Top5/5

When I first saw David I was suffering from depression and anxiety. I did not know what to expect from hypnotherapy but David put me at ease from the beginning. David also helped me deal with other issues as well. I benefited greatly from hypnotherapy and my anxiety was greatly reduced. I would have no hesitation in recommending David for anyone who has issues that is impacting on their life.

Address(Y) Fife Anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

For anyone who is considering hypnotherapy (most likely as a so called "last resort", as I was) I can highly recommend discussing your treatment options with David. I had a really hard time with general anxiety and panic disorder and I can absolutely vouch for the fact that hypnotherapy sessions have helped me to get better. I had approximately 6 or 7 sessions (David please correct me if I'm wrong!) and I can say for certain that this contributed to the improvement I am showing now. If you have ideas about what you think hypnotherapy involves then I will presumptuously say that you are most likely wrong - as I was. It isn't a scary thing, and in fact can be quite relaxing - especially if you are someone who doesnt get the opportunity to feel relaxed often. So thanks, David, for helping me be less terrified of pretty much everything! :)

Address(Y) Fife Panic attacks, self confidence * * * * *    Top5/5

I'm a 40 year old guy and went to see David mainly for some help with panic attacks which I'd experienced while driving. He gave me some very useful coping mechanisms for dealing with these when they occur, but more importantly David has also really helped me with some self confidence issues that I've had. I didn't go in to the hypnotherapy with unrealistic expectations, but just having someone who you can be honest with has been very helpful, and I've been pleasantly surprised by how much better I now feel after 5 sessions.

Address(Y) Fife anxiety, depression, low self confidence * * * * *    Top5/5

I had been feeling depressed on and off for 3-4 years until about 6 months ago when I went to see David. He was very pleasant, professional and genuine throughout my sessions which took place in a very trusting environment. I would definitely recommend David to anyone having any problems I mentioned as I started to improve from the first session. He is a very talented man and going to see him for hypnotherapy was a very positive turning point in my life. Aside from the obvious benefits, the sessions and methods themselves were an interesting and thought provoking, worthwhile experience.

Address(Y) Dunfermline Vertigo * * * * *    Top5/5

In short, for over 35 years my life was spoiled due to fear of heights and as proof of David's help actually took my Grandson on the London Eye!! David allowed me to achieve what I never thought possible and the freedom is just great. If you have any issues telephone David as you will be amazed how much better life will be.

Address(Y) Dunfermline Anxiety, flying, guilt * * * * *    Top5/5

I saw David last year after I had developed panic attacks when my marriage ended. I also had issues with one of my parents from a very young age and some problems with guilt and "beating myself up" all the time. When you first contact David he completely relaxes you and reassures you that he understands your problems and can help. It has been over a year since I saw him and my panic attacks have gone, my issues from the past are no longer affecting my life now and I am much more in control of my life. I would recommend David to anyone who has issues that are affecting their life. I wish I had gone to see him years ago. Thank you for all your help !

Address(Y) Dunfermline Trichotillomania * * * * *    Top5/5

I purposely left this review a few months to feel the full effect so I could give a full review. I suffer from trichotillomania, which means I pull my hair out, sometimes knowing I'm doing it, others I am not aware. I went to the doctors many times, they told me there was no cure, they gave me a self help book, and a self help website which was absolutely no use at all. This meant that my condition got worse. I had no confidence, low self esteem and my hair was being ripped out my the second. I was very unhappy with myself. I thought that there was no way out and I was doomed to feel like this forever. I looked on trichotillomania support groups and one woman had seen a hypnotherapist and found this had worked for her. I tried everything else so I thought why not? I found David Stocks goggling local hypnotherapy. I was very skeptical, not sure what to expect (although I was hoping for a Derren Brown experience where he'd click his fingers and I was cured.) It wasn't like this however, it was relaxing . My first few sessions I had to try very hard not to laugh, it was a very different experience. Slowly I stopped pulling my hair a little more everyday, enough that I even went swimming without my hair extensions, this was huge step for me. When I left for good, it took a few days before I completely stopped pulling. I still haven't pulled any hairs out. My hair is growing back, I no longer have bald patches, just lots of wispy baby hair. My hair is healthier, stronger and everyone has noticed the massive different in me. I've even booked a holiday for next year: my goal is to go without my extensions. David has changed my life for the better, my problem has completely held me back for years. I was told there was no cure, but I found it. Don't go expecting to be cured instantly, you have to work at it yourself as well. It was worth every minute and penny. I am now a happy and confident person and I could have never of done this with out the help of David. Thank you very much.

Address(Y) Isle of Lewis Pain Management and Stress * * * * *    Top5/5

The help in relaxation and dealing with stress that exacerbates pain from David has been fantastic. I would recommend him to anyone. Give it ago you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Address(Y) Fife Anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

David Stocks is a genuine person and a talented hypnotherapist who enjoys helping people find happiness. He helped me overcome anxiety which I had held deep inside myself since childhood, unaware of the reason for its presence. The sessions were relaxing,enlightening,fun,some times hard work but always rewarding. I would recommend David's help to anyone who feels they may need it. Having completed these sessions I am now very busy being happy.

Address(Y) West Lothian Cancer * * * * *    Top5/5

I visited David after being diagnosed with recurrent cancer. I felt that my internal anger and rage was implicated in the recurrence. Whilst obviously not promising a cure, he has helped me deal with and clear out unprocessed emotions from my past, shown me the power of my unconscious mind and has instilled in me, through hypnosis, an incredibly positive frame of mind. I now feel far calmer and much more positive, I have tools to deal with my fears and am generally optimistic about my situation. David is very down to earth, explains things in a clear and rational way and shows empathy and understanding. I am truly grateful. A bi-product of my treatment with him is that I have also stopped biting my nails!

Address(Y) Fife Anxiety * * * *    Top4/5

I was experiencing constant anxiety and had tried the NHS, to no avail.. Wishing to avoid medication I had six sessions with David and found them a great help. Although the sessions did not instantly cure the problem, they did calm me down and helped on the road to recovery. Cheers!

Address(Y) Fife Bulimia * * * * *    Top5/5

I have been bulimic for over 45 years (off and on, but mostly on). In desperation I seeked David's help in February this year, I just could not go on the way I was. I must confess, my expectations were very low, I could not imagine that ANYTHING would stop me from binging and purging all the time. Well, to my total astonishment and delight, David managed to do just that! I still don't understand how, I did not feel particularly hypnotized. I feel a huge burden has been lifted and I feel in control. Food stuff that I previously would have been drooling over has lost it's appeal somehow. I eat well and healthily, but don't punish myself for having a treat sometimes. My outlook towards food has completely changed and I don't think about food constantly (as I did before). I have booked the holiday of my dreams for next year, something I would never have contemplated before. To be perfectly honest though, there have been fleeting moments of temptation. But they are VERY rare and never last more than a few seconds. I have no doubt that David changed my life completely (practically saved it) and I would recommend him to anybody with a problem. Give it a go, you will be amazed by the result!

Address(Y) fife weight loss * * * * *    Top5/5

i would just like to say to anybody thinking of going for hypnotherapy, do it . i suffered with a few problems , but after making the first appointment and meeting david , he just made me feel totally at ease , he listened without making me feel crackers after a few appointments , i can just say that everything that we worked through worked , i would definetly recomend david , its like flicking a switch, so i would just like to say a big thankyou .

Address(Y) Glenrothes Weight Loss/Panic Attacks * * * * *    Top5/5

David is amazing. I have lost a stone since starting and my panic attacks are gone. Thank you so much

Address(Y) Fife Stress * * * * *    Top5/5

I have felt tremendous benefit from the sessions that I had with David and he has helped me so much with a lot of the things that were causing me problems in my life but that I was totally unaware of at the time. He has given me a new outlook in general and made me understand more how I had lived my life previously and the way I needed to change my way of thinking.

Address(W) Fife Heights/nails * * * * *    Top5/5

David helped me so much. I have lovely long nails now! I can also go over bridges and drive over fly overs. Can't thank him enough. Would recommended him to anyone.

Address(Y) Fife Depression * * * * *    Top5/5

I wanted to first say thank you for the treatment I received from you last year, as it really has changed my life. It has made me a stronger person and for the first time I can ever remember I am no longer depressed or on medication. The issues I had have all gone. Life is not a bed of roses as I am going through a nasty divorce and custody case with {....} and now his parents have jumped on the band wagon with cases of their own, but I am dealing with this and handling it well which I wouldn,t have done before I saw you.

Address(W) Fife flying * * * * *    Top5/5

Thank you so, so much David. I can now go on holiday

Address(Y) Fife Sleep Disturbance * * * * *    Top5/5

I approached David in the 'hope' that he could assist - for reasons unknown I was making noises in my sleep, disturbing my wife, and finding myself sleeping more and more in our guest room - not great for a close relationship! David is personable, intelligent, friendly, sincere, welcoming - and important for me - very 'up front' and honest. I greatly enjoyed my time (5 sessions) with David, finding his techniques enjoyable and beneficial. A marked difference in my sleep patterns has been seen, but more importantly (and unexpected) is that my wife and stepson tell me I'm more pleasant to live with. David explains this as having 'altered what I see as normal, so I still see it as normal' - my wife just sees it as having been well worth the time. Thank you David - truly

Address(W) fife Panic Attack * * * * *    Top5/5

I first approached David when i was 16 and suffering badly from panic attacks. I couldnt leave my house for 7 weeks or even make it to the end of the street without panicking. When i first heard of his services i was very sceptical but it turned out to be the best thing that i ever did! It's now been 4 years and i havent had a panic attack since. He talks to you and listens, not once did he ever judge me, he finds good reasons behind everything. I would highly reccomend to anyone suffering from anything to speak to David.

Address(Y) Kirkcaldy Weight loss, panic, anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

What can I say, David was just fantastic! I initially went to see David for my unhealthy relationship with food, I was just piling on the pounds. Additionally, I'd suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for some time, I'd been on prescribed medication to help, on and off, for lots of years. As soon as I met and discussed my problem with David, I knew that hypnotherapy was for me. He is such a warm, kind man, just oozing with enthusiasm to help, whatever your problem. He is patient, honest and I completely trusted him. I could go on, and on . . . . I highly recommend David for hypnothery treatments, I have been so privileged to have met him and been able to undergo, what I would consider, to be amongst the best solutions for the problems I had, which are now well and truly in the past. Thank you David.

Address(Y) Dalgety Bay Anxiety Panic Attacks * * * * *    Top5/5

Suffered from extreme daily anxiety for 5 years and been to so many doctors I've lost count with little or no help (apart from being recommended to visit a chillout website..or heavy meds.!?!!?) Anxiety got so bad at one point I couldn't leave my room. I was determined to beat it without medications so decided to try Hypnotherapy and found David's website, seeing that he was local and the positive feedback left by clients I made an appointment. It felt so easy and comfortable to speak in detail about EVERYTHING without feeling rushed or foolish like in a doctors room. David is very approachable and patient and doesn't judge - whether you are telling him something you feel is silly or something very traumatic and personal. The first session lifted a massive weight off my shoulders and I enjoyed the relaxation from the hypnotherapy. After that one session I was already walking home without any panic, worry, stress or anxiety which was a massive leap from being unable to leave the house. I had 6 sessions with David and cannot believe the change in myself from addressing the anxiety through hypnotherapy, as well as uncovering hidden emotional issues I never realised were affecting me so strongly. The hypnotherapy put things in perspective - what were real issues and ones that had got out of hand, but also that I can help myself with the issues and anxiety. I felt really comfortable with David and could trust that he was concerned with helping me, but also to help me help myself - it was reassuring to know that I wouldn't be relying on hypnotherapy to keep me right or that after the final session I would fall back into problems. Got my life back. Thanks so much David! (great sense of humour as well - good banter!)

Address(Y) Cowdenbeath Fear of Flying * * * * *    Top5/5

After many years of avoiding flying (due to a fear that I developed 10 years ago) I decided to go for it and book a holiday to Florida. However, as the departure date got closer I started to lose sleep and feel stressed. After browsing the web to book a 'Fear of Flying course' with Virgin, I came across a number of sites advertising hypnotherapy. To be honest, I was sceptical at first. However, I decided to go for the free trial session and never looked back. David is not in to 'Hocus pocus'. His sessions offer relaxation techniques, a free relaxation CD and counselling. Prior to each session, David would take the time to talk about how planes work and the safety aspects of flying. I have since returned from my holiday completely cured from my fear of flying. Whilst in the US, an Icelandic volcano erupted and UK airspace was closed. I subsequently had to take a longer route home and board 3 planes over two days!! Believe it or not, I was the clamest person on the plane! Thanks David. I can now look forward to perusing holiday brochures in search of my next adventure :)

Address(X) fife weight loss * * * * *    Top5/5

I developed Polycystic Ovaries and as a result I put on a lot of weight. I was really struggling with my confidence and the way I looked. I was over 17 stone. To be honest when a friend recommended hypnotherapy I was really sceptical but felt like I had tried everything else and nothing worked so I contacted David just to see. David was really calming and I was aware of everything that was going on. We discovered other issues in my life were also affecting my weight, some of which I had never spoken to anyone else about, but I felt comfortable talking to David. After a few sessions I felt so much better and actually more relaxed in life and the weight steadily dropped off me, though I never felt hungry or even noticed. I am so much happier and best of all …3 stone lighter and still losing.I am looking forward to wearing a bikini on my next holiday. Thank you so much David I couldn't have done it without you.

Address(X) Fife anxiety, interview * * * * *    Top5/5

I have used David's services for several issues not just the reason for my first visit and highly recommend him. From anxiety to an important job interview David has been a wonderful help and I wouldn't hesitate to contact again in future. David, thank you very much for your time, understanding and assistance.

Address(X) Dunfermline Confidence * * * * *    Top5/5

David helped me a great deal in a confidence problem I had which had developed over a number of years. A few sessions later, David provided me with a number of tools to help deal with my problem and look at life from a different perspective. He is a true professional, works hard to help you and genuinely cares. I would heartily recommend David to anyone. Thanks!

Address(X) Dunfermline self esteem * * * * *    Top5/5

I have recently finished having quite a few therapy sessions with David, relating to anxiety and low self esteem caused by family issues in my past. I still have a way to go, but I now feel much more positive, my self esteem has improved, and have a brighter outlook on life. I would thorougly recommend David to anyone - he is funny, kind, a lovely person, an excellent listener and immediately puts you at ease in each and every session.

Address(X) Outer Hebrides Grief, insomnia * * * * *    Top5/5

A friend who had been to David recommended him to me as I was struggling following a family bereavement. My sleep pattern was disrupted and I was really low. In addition I was suffering stress due to exams that I was due to sit in November. I had three sessions with David, all 3 months apart on account of geography. In between times, I made good use of the CD I had been given which helped prepare me after the first session. My sleeping pattern re-established itself quickly and I feel much more confident about facing the world in general. In addition, the exams went well, with me passing all 7, much to my delight. I used the CD every night before the exams, so I felt relaxed and confident about things. I would strongly recommend David to anyone who is currently struggling for whatever reason. Thank you so much for your help.

Address(X) Dunfermline sleep, low mood * * * * *    Top5/5

I had been suffering from lack of sleep and depression when I went to see David. I had 4 sessions and found these an excellent help. My life has turned round for the better once again and I am now able to move on with confidence. I have no hesitation in adding my strong recommendation. Thankyou very much for your help.

Address(X) FIFE Depression, Low Self-Esteem * * * * *    Top5/5

For many years I had suffered from severe depression with extremely low self-esteem. Life is not perfect now and I continue to work hard to battle with myself. However Davids approach has helped me enormously. My self-esteem is now very good, depression has lifted considerably and problems are put into perspective. I am very glad to have undergone this method of intervention it has helped me greatly to move on and have a quality of life I feared I would be unable to have.I am very thankful!

Address(X) Fife Stress, Anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

I had known David from the time we both worked for the same company and knew him to be both an expert in his field and very approachable. I had been suffering from stress and anxiety which had been affecting my work. Working at a pace to suit me, he put me in a hypnotic sleep so that my unconscious mind could release the issues that had been nagging away unspoken. Previously I had been negative, always finding fault or imperfections, but now that weight has been lifted. Of course, life is not perfect, but problems are now seen in prospective, without emotion, to be solved. I am now a calmer person and much better at communicating both at work and with my family and friends.

Address(X) Kirkcaldy Past Trauma * * * * *    Top5/5

I had 5 sessions with David to help with past issues. It was an amazing experience and would thoroughly recommend him. I feel lioke a new person now.

Address(X) Fife Panic Attacks, Driving * * * *    Top4/5

I was suffering from panic attacks while driving and didn't really know where to turn in order to resolve these as driving was a big part of my job. I had 3 hypnotherapy sessions with David and am pleased to say that I have now gone for over a week without any anxious feelings or further attacks. I would recommend David to anyone suffering from similar anxiety issues as its really made a world of difference to me.

Address(X) Dunfermline Anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

I went along to see David hoping for relief from a stress-related cough I had developed, to learn how to relax a bit more and to help me deal with a challenging year. I found hypnotherapy extremely relaxing and the techniques very effective in helping me to control my breathing and therefore my cough. However, over the course of 5 sessions it also became apparent that I had a lot of unresolved issues from my childhood which were quite prominent in my mind, contributing to my stress and affecting how I related to people, which I had learned to block out and this really wasnt a very healthy way to be. The issues all became so clear and made so much sense. A lot of it I had suspected but this was the first opportunity I had had in my life to put this into words, to bring it out into the open and have someone affirm that my childhood WAS difficult. This was very reassuring. I realised that the experiences and feelings I had as a child were all real even though they had never been validated by anyone else. I never ever felt I had had a safe environment in which I could air these until now. It has made me feel stronger as a person. David really did help me a great deal and I would definitely recommend him.

Address(X) fife stress, insomnia * * * *    Top4/5

David has been a great help to me. I wish I had gone to him years ago to get help with various issues in my life. The many seemingly small improvements have helped to make me calmer happier and to sleep better.

Address(X) Dunfermline Abuse victim * * * * *    Top5/5

I was subjected to domestic abuse both physical and mental, when you are abused in this way, it changes you as a person, and you carry about an anger which burns in you stomach every day. I tried meditation, medication, counsellors, psychologists and all manner of alternative therapies and nothing worked. It felt like I was being abused every day and I had no way of getting back at my abuser, because I'd left that loser 5 years ago. I went to David for some hypnotherapy, I felt desperate. In a simple transaction he cured me. Miraculously the burning anger in my stomach dissolved. I no longer waste my time dwelling on the past. In other sessions he helped me work on my low self esteem, which has been with me since the age of about 6 and have suffered with depression since my mid teens. He has helped me with each of these issues and I now live a happy life, which I never through was possible. I have since been back and got him to cure my fear of flying and help me quit smoking. I have since taken 6 flights on my own and have not smoked for 3 weeks, and I wouldn't even conceive of lighting up another cigarette.

Address(X) Fife Anxiety, confidence * * * * *    Top5/5

Went along to conquer some anxiety issues when it came to business meetings. Came away from 3 sessions feeling a lot more in control. Also had my penchant for "after meal" snacking curbed and helped me deal with my fear of heights. Was sitting on the fence with regards to hypnotherapy prior to meeting David but I think that if people want to change/overcome fears etc then hypnotherapy gives you a vehicle with which to achieve that. Would definitely recommend it.

Address(X) Fife Anxiety, pregnancy * * * * *    Top5/5

I contacted David when the fear of giving birth for a second time became overwhelming approx. six weeks before my due date. I had a long and tramautic experince the first time around and was so terrified about what lay ahead that I was exhausting myself. The relaxation techniques were immediatley benefical and my regular sleep returned and I became less fearful. As the day approached I felt relaxed and empowered and desperate to meet our child. Not in the least fearful. I wasn't sure if it would have am impact on the birth itself but it most certainly did. Our lovely daughter was born in just over four hours and the mid wife kept saying how calm and composed I was. I was back home in less than 10 hours. Hynotherapy turned what was a dreaded experience into a truly memorable one. This time for all the right reasons. Thanks a million David. I wouldn't hestitate in recommending you and as you know already have.

Address(X) Fife Anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

I had been suffering terrible anxiety and panic attacks since my pregnancy which was really affecting my quality of life. I wanted to enjoy being a Mum and not spend it constantly worried and anxious. I was breastfeeding and reluctant to go on medication so decided to give Hypnotherapy a try. The change in me has been amazing and I felt so much better even after my first session. David is a credit to his profession and his caring and understanding attitude immedietly put me at ease. He even helped me with my public speaking phobia while I was there! My only regret is that I didn't contact him sooner. I am now able to fully enjoy life with my new baby......even the sleepless nights!! Thank you David!

Address(X) Fife Anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

Just a wee note to say thanks very much for helping me out during those tough times that I had. I am well sorted now, on an even keel, off the pills and having fun again in my new flat. My brain seems to always be in the positive mode now so I think the sessions have really done the trick, Thanks again! P.S. I will probably be back to see you to help me pack in the fags next!

Address(X) Fife Self-esteem, Drinking too much * * * * *    Top5/5

Update: I have lost a stone and a half so far and I am starting to look and feel good about myself again. I have the occasional glass of wine at weekends but thanks to you I am no longer a nightly wine wench! Still trying to stop smoking, I have cut down so I am sure I will get there in the end. If I need more help I will not hesitate to call you for an app. Thank you again for helping me get back on track, you are most definitely a genius for managing to sort my head out, oh and I forgot to mention earlier that I havent had any more panic attacks either so I am well on my way to a less stressful life.

Address(X) Dunfermline Flying phobia * * * * *    Top5/5

Went to see David re my fear of flying and other anxieties. Pleased to say that after 4 sessions I was able to get on a plane sober - can't say I loved the flight but I didn't stress out about it the way I usually do and my hubbie was chuffed to bits as that's the first time hes ever been able to actually speak to me and enjoy my company on a plane - and we've been together and flown loads in our 17 years together. David also supplied me with coping techniques on how to manage my anxiety and panic and they definately help me - I just feel so much calmer than I have done for years. Thanks David.

Address(X) Kirkcaldy Anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

David first contacted me back by phone and I knew right away I had found the right person to help me with my anxiety problems. I took my first session of four, and I must say even in the first session the difference was amazing for me to see how my confidence would grow,and how so much happier I was.Then as the diffrent sessions past how i was growing into the new me... David I cannot thankyou enough, but want to tell everyone that you are a credit to your profession and wish you all the very best in the future.

Address(X) Fife Panic attacks, Anxiety, Weight * * * * *    Top5/5

I initially sent David an E-mail as i was feeling rather nervous and apprehensive. David E-mailed me back and i phoned him to arrange an appointement. I felt at ease as soon as i spoke to him and arranged my first session. I was suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, was drinking too much vino each night and was a bit overweight. I had six sessions and i no longer have panic attacks ,have stopped drinking and have lost half a stone in weight. I feel as if the clock has been turned back and i have much more confidence,self control and feel much happier than i have felt in a long time. David is a truly inspiring person, very kind and easy to talk to and he has enabled me to change my life and have a positive outlook for the future. Thank you David ,for all you have helped me achieve in a short time.

Address(X) Burntisland Pain * * * * *    Top5/5

I suffer from psoriatic arthritis and was in considerable pain despite surgery and a multitude of drugs. My nurse consultant advised me that flare-ups could be triggered by stress hence my visit to David. I could wax lyrical about David but there is little need to since others have done so before me. However I would comment: Pain? – what pain? Stress? – what stress? I am more relaxed than I have ever been and my wife has seen a dramatic change in my attitudes and personality. That’s me sorted out, now for NHS Fife!!

Address(X) Dalgety Bay Exam nerves * * * * *    Top5/5

I had just two sessions with David and found him extremely helpful and professional. I was relaxed and confident on the lead up to and during a major enterance test. I have in the past panicked and had difficulty focusing under exam conditions. Since my seesions I have remained focused and genarally more confident and positive. I would strongly recommend David to anyone who wishes to "iron out" any creases in their life.

Address(X) Dunfermline Confidence, anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

I feel hypnotherapy has changed my life considerably. Since finishing in April I have felt freer and much more positive. It seems to me that all the rubbish I have unknowingly kept in my subconcious for many many years has been blown away. I am so much happier, calmer and much less stressed now and my self confidence has increased. The reason I decided on hypnotherapy was to lose weight, I have lost two stone already and aiming to lose more, as I am so much more focussed and committed. I have found it easy to stick to a low carbohydrate diet and simple exercise programme. Before hynotherapy I never lasted on a diet for more than a couple of weeks. Any exercise left me exhausted- this is not the case now. People are noticing that I am slimmer, fitter and also that my mind is sharper.David Stocks makes the whole hynotherapy process so easy to do, he is a very skilled and positive person with a cheery disposition. I believe that hynotherapy can be a powerful tool that can enable people to be the best they can be. I am able to stop people taking a loan of me -- I could not do this before and my health suffered. I have tried many different therapies before but although some helped, hypnotherapy gave me so much more and it is very cost effective. To anyone who is thinking about hypnotherapy with David Stocks I would say -- give it a go you will be amazed at what you will gain.

Address(X) Dalgety Bay Grief, smoking, nail-biting, insomnia * * * * *    Top5/5

I went to David with help for symptoms smoking, stress, sleepnessness, nail biting. In the first session, in fact witihn 5 miutes, David identified the real problems behind these habits. I was suffering from a profound grief from the loss of my partner and a rather problematic childhood amongst other things. I really was a bit of a mess. Its always been my way to just get on with life and I had not only locked away -or repressed- all of the bad memories, I had forgotton tonnes of happy things too. Well, after seven years of trying to get through it on my own -and following only 5 sessions over the past 2 months- I can now remember my partners voice, visualise his face and I remember all those happy, querky and wonderful things that we did and that have made me, well me....... Hello me. I can only say David is honest, compassionate and a gifted hypnotherapist. I now have fledgling nails, am a non-smoker -who occaisionally cracks but will get there-, sleep like a log and have stopped stressing out to the benefit of everyone around me. I feel I can now move forward in love and life . David- if youre reading this- thank you- X- from the bottom of my heart for giving me back my past and reaquainting me with me. Youre a star. For anyone whose lost or agitated or ailing or plagued by habits- I have every confidence and first hand experience that David will be able to help.

Address(X) Fife Confidence, self-esteem * * * * *    Top5/5

I had got to the stage where I could not speak about work without being upset. My confidence and self esteem were at an all time low. After a call to David and one session I felt better than I had been in months. David has also helped with other problems e.g. Pain relief and with a snake phobia which I can say with all honesty I can now sit on a room with a vivarium of snakes and not bat an eyelid. My daughter almost fell off her seat when she saw this. My pain is now under control. David also uncovered areas of my life I had been trying to hide for so many years. He always listened and was never judgemental nor pushy. I can now say after my sessions have finished that I am a completely different person from the one David originally met. Many thanks David without your help I really don't know what I would have done.

Address(X) Fife Anxiety, Depression * * * * *    Top5/5

I have been off my work for quite some time and I have seen several consulars and been given various medication to help me with my depression and stress and anxiety. I was getting frustrated at the time and type of advice I was being given as I never seemed to be moving forward. After one session with David I felt like a new man, every subsequent session since then, I have been coming on leaps and bounds. I must admit to being the biggest sceptic when it came to hypnotherapy before hand and only went as my wife thought I might as well give it a go. Just goes to show you should always listen to your better half!

Address(X) Fife Anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

David helped me greatly with anxiety problems! Now i feel much better, Highly reccomended

Address(X) Burntisland Insomnia * * * * *    Top5/5

I went to David with one problem in particular and after a lengthy chat with him, he highlighted other problems in my life which had bothered me over a considerable amount of years. Literally, he cleaned my mind out of everything that shouldn't have been there. There was a feeling of guilt which had been with me for nearly forty years. I no longer have that. I couldn't get to sleep at night because my brain was too active. Now I get to sleep right away. Now I feel much more calm and relaxed generally. I would recommend a visit to David to anyone with problems, no matter how slight. He will get down to the root of it and find the cure. Now I know that David is there for me should I ever need his help again.

Address(X) Crossford Anxiety, Depression * * * * *    Top5/5

I have had problems with clinical depression and severe anxiety for abt. 15 years. I have tried everything to help the problems - even ECT! I then went to see David and that is the best thing, I ever did (last resort!). I am still on anti-depressions but after 4-5 sessions with David my life changed! I remember my whole life now. I have delt with problems from the past and is now a happy, active person, who has got my self confidence back. David has also taught me positive thinking and how to be assertive and be yourself. I can highly recommend David. I would say, he has saved my life. Thanks David.

Address(X) Dalgety Bay Slimming * * * * *    Top5/5

I have tried for some considerable time to loose weight, my problem being comfort eating at night, also I had problems with depression and anxieties. Davids has help me through the comfort eating which I no longer do, and our sessions have seen my depression and anxieties diminish, Well done David Good Job Thankyou.

Address(X) Fife Slimming * * * * *    Top5/5

I have had a strong relationship with food for most of my adult life. Since consulting David I have found a real change in my food habits. I no longer pack my plate and then go back for 2nds. I am much more in control of what I eat and how much. Its almost like a weight has been lifted from shoulders. My food addiction is under control! I feel much better within myself and slowly but surely I am gaining much more self confidence. Consulting David has changed quite a few aspects of my life for the better. It's also great to know that if for any reason I may feel myself going backwards David is only a phone call away. I would definitely recommend David to anyone looking for a really good professional hypnotherapist. Thanks again David.

Address(X) Fife Slimming * * * * *    Top5/5

I was feeling completely out of control with my comfort eating and decided to see David as a last resort and boy am I glad I did. I no longer feel the urge to eat snacks or sweets and feel completely in control of my eating. The strange thing is I actually eat when I want and what I want now and dont worry about my weight anymore. In the past nine weeks since I first went to see David I have managed to lose 2st 2lbs without even trying. I enjoy life again and know if I start to slip up or revert back to my old ways I will go back to see David before trying anything else. Thanks so much David. I only wish I had come to see you years ago.

Address(X) Fife Slimming * * * * *    Top5/5

I went to see David to see if he could help me with my craving for sweet foods and fizzy drinks and my inability to sleep. I am now eating healthily, with no thoughts of carbohydrate foods, my sleeping has improved and I generally feel much better about myself. Lost weight too. I would recommend David.

Address(X) dunfermline Depression * * * * *    Top5/5

Depression was my main problem , trying to cope with daily life , lots of different problems that doctors , shrinks , CBT and medication could not help . Thanks to David I feel like a different person looking forward to each new day . Thank you David .

Address(X) fife Bulimia * * * * *    Top5/5

I have suffered from Bulimia for over 15 years and have tried all types of medication and talking. As a last resort I went to see David, that was two months ago and I have not binged or felt the need to make myself sick. This is a massive turn around for someone whos was making themselves sick up to 7 times a day. I have never felt so relaxed. Don't make anymore excuses to yourself sort it today and make an appointment to see David. It does work.

Address(X) Fife IBS, anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

Courtesy of various medical problems surgically treated I had to give up work. I am in constant pain and take a lot of medication daily. For whatever reason I developed IBS which was the icing on the cake. Debilitating stomach problems were bad enough but it was the anxiety that came along with it I found almost impossible to cope with. The IBS attacks came about 4 or 5 times a month and lasted 3 or 4 days. My Doctor blamed the medication. In desperation one day I put IBS into Google and found David. Frankly I thought it a lot of mumbo jumbo but was willing to try anything. It's been a couple of months now since my last attack. What can I tell you! IT WORKS.

Address(X) Fife Panic Attacks * * * * *    Top5/5

Hello my name is Paul. I have been suffering from panic attacks for about 6 years some more intense than others. I have tried talking about my problem and have learned what causes them however nothing has helped. I tried David as a last resort as I didnt want to rely on medicine. After only three sessions I feel free. I dont worry about going into certain situations that before brought on attacks. Now I can live my life again thanks David. Highly reccomended.

Address(X) Fife Panic Attacks * * * * *    Top5/5

I had been suffering panic attacks since last October when my mother unexpectantly passed away and my partner having heart problems. I saw David's website and also saw an advert in one of the Health Newspapers at my local Doctors. I was absolutely desperate and could not see any light at the end of the tunnel. I decided to bite the bullet and contact David - am I glad I mustered up the nerve. David was very thorough in raking through my life and after the third session I felt like I was getting my life back on track. I had my last session (4 in total) and feel absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend anyone who is suffering in some way to get in touch with David. He is extremely professional but at the same time compassionate and I found it very easy to talk to him. Please, if you are doubting any of it, all I can say is do not. Pick up the phone - trust me you will not regret it. Thank you David for bringing light and laughter back into my life.

Address(X) fife Confidence, Self-Esteem * * * * *    Top5/5

Well, what can I say, a positive outcome after many years of negatives. A sudden ralisation of the cause of years of low self esteem and self loathing. Thank you.

Address(X) Fife Lack of Confidence, Depression * * * * *    Top5/5

Lack of confidence poor self esteem and depression, with guidance and patience treatment has been a big sucess. No more kleenex required. Into the bargain overcame a specific fear relating to hieghts. Many thanks.

Address(X) Fife Stop Smoking * * * * *    Top5/5

I have not smoked again since my session on the 31st of March, thanks for your assistance. Feeling good and back out jogging again!!.

Address(X) Dunfermline Confidence * * * * *    Top5/5

I have had confidence problems for a number of years and asked David to help. After having 3 sessions I feel so much better and feel that nothing can stop me now!! Thank you David.

Address(X) Glasgow Depression * * * * *    Top5/5

I have suffered from depression for a long time. I would like to thank David for his help in getting my life back on track.

Address(X) Dunfermline Flying Phobia * * * * *    Top5/5

I contacted David as a last resort the week before flying to Australia. Previously I couldn't even fly to Manchester without being physically sick! I went to David for 2 visits and flew to Australia and back! I would thoroughly reccomend him.

Address(X) Falkirk Thumb Sucking * * * * *    Top5/5

I contacted David in relation to sucking my thumb - not appropriate for a for someone in their thirties! I haven't sucked my thumb since. The sessions have also resulted in many changes in my life such as confidence and resolving marital difficulties. I would thoroughly recommend going to see David.

Address(X) Fife IBS * * * * *    Top5/5

I have suffered with Irritable Bowel Syndrome for over 20 years, doctors have tried everything from peppermint tablets to anti-depressants but to no avail. After only two sessions with David I found that the constant pain I had suffered for so many years had GONE. The source/cure was dealing with the many issues that I had bottled up from my teenage years, poor parental imput,abuse, miscarrage and many more all dealt with in four sessions. I have found myself and lost the pain that I have carried for so long. I feel good about myself and can go out without having to toilet hop!

Address(X) Fife Anxiety * * * * *    Top5/5

Having suffered from debilitating anxiety for some months I had four sessions with David which were enjoyable and very informative.I now feel back to normal and able to get on with life. Highly recommended.

Address(X) FIFE Depression * * * * *    Top5/5

After battling with depression for some time I went to David for assistance. No miracle cure was promised but with his help I was able to clear out years of emotional baggage left from previous relationships and experiences that was having a detremental effect on my life. I even managed to unexpectedly overcome my dread of spiders! Thankyou David for helping me come to terms with events from the past and deal with them effectively and for giving me the confidence, energy and strength to move on in my life with the knowledge that I can now approach situations good and bad rationally and calmly. A true professional and thoroughly recommended.

Address(X) Fife Flying phobia * * * * *    Top5/5

managed both flights really well, felt a bit sick first 30 mis or so but settled well after listening to your CD, time passed quicker than i thought it would! even managed to slightly enjoy it!!

Address(X) Dalgety Bay Slimming * * * * *    Top5/5

After years of struggling with my weight I went to visit David, after two sessions I felt that I could become the new me. almost two years after seeing David I have lost 5 stone and have changed everything about me.I have come down from size 20-22 to a nice 12-14 and feel great! Thank you David for the new me

Address(X) Dunfermline Stop Smoking * * * * *    Top5/5

Having smoked for 40 years, stopping was a daunting task. I would not answer the phone without first picking up the fags and would not dare leave the house without a packet of cigarettes in my hand bag. After 4 sessions with David I am now a non-smoker and very pleased with myself. I was at a Birthday party last week in a hotel and I knew there would be smokers. There were four sitting in our company and it was no problem for me, much to my amazement. I am now embracing 26th March instead of dreading it.

Address(X) Cupar Stop Smoking * * * * *    Top5/5

I contacted David with regard to stopping smoking.I have tried numerous ways to stop over the years with no success. I say years as I had smoked for over 40 years, in fact I thought i was a lost cause.I had four hypnotherapy sessions, and I have not smoked since. I also feel more confident within myself. I feel more relaxed now and have to say that you never feel rushed through any sessions.I am absolutely DELIGHTED and THRILLED that i am now a non smoker.

Address(X) Kirkcaldy Interview Nerves * * * * *    Top5/5

Following my application for a job I knew I could do I asked David to help me prepare for my interview and help give me confidence. He not only helped me achieve my objective he helped me to sort out my other confidence problems which affected how I felt about me as a person. I would thoroughly recommend David to anyone who is finding it hard to believe in themselves.

Address(X) Fife Lack of Confidence, Depression * * * * *    Top5/5


Address(X) Dunfermline Post-natal depression Slimming * * * * *    Top5/5

I suffered from postnatal depression after the birth of my first baby nearly 4 years ago. I struggled on feeling inadequate and useless as a mother. I was prescribed medication and had counselling but felt it only plastered over the cracks. After my next baby almost 2 years ago I felt the same but put a brave face on it telling everyone I was ok as I didn't want to be seen as a failure again. I have been trying to lose weight for 3 years but my weight went up and down with my mood and during a period of severe stress this year my weight shot up by 2.5 stone. I was exhausted and desperate. When I called David to see if he could help with my eating, he pointed out that there was probably an underlying cause that needed tackled. He was not wrong. The process that he took me through to dejunk my mind was excellent. I felt as if a massive weight was lifted off me and I became a different person overnight. I am much more calm and confident and no longer like a coiled spring waiting to go off. I can finally enjoy my young children and feel like a proper mum at last. I have lost over 20 pounds in the last couple of months and am determined that I am going to keep in control of my eating habits. I have learned that I am number one and shouldn't put myself last all of the time. Since going back to work after my recent absence many people have commented that I am totally different much more energetic and confident in my abilities. Even when faced with problems at work I try to laugh them off and keep smiling. I thoroughly recommend a visit to David and i know that if I ever face difficulties again he will be the first person that I call. Well worth every penny to get your life back on track. Make that call now!

Address(X) Dalgety Bay Stage Fright, Sexual * * * * *    Top5/5

I initially went to see David to get help for arachnophobia and my newly developed stage fright. He managed to get down to the grass roots of my problems - I was raped when I was 17 and told no-one for 13 years. It was all bottled and knotted up inside. I had never even had a proper realtionshp with a man because of it but after 5 or 6 sessions I am a different person. I have a great new boyfriend and my stage fright is back to being good old fashioned nerves! I cannot speak highly enough of David - he really has transformed my life and my thought processes. The best money I have ever spent.

Address(X) Falkirk Confidence, sexual problems * * * * *    Top5/5

Over the years I have had counselling and been prescribed antidepressants. I went to see David as I thought I had nothing to lose by trying Hypnotherapy. Although anxious at first David soon put me at ease. I was abused as a child and felt this was affecting my sexual relationship with my husband. David helped me unlock all the feelings that I had buried away. I knew it was going to bring back unpleasant memories but I knew if I was going to move on it had to be done. After just four sessions I am a completely different person. I have lots more confidence. I am more assertive and in my husbands words carefree. I put myself first now and feel that David has given me back my life. As an added bonus David helped me with my weight problem and I have not eaten chocolate since August. I still have weight to lose but I am on my way to achieving my goal. As for my sexual relationship, my husband says that is the icing on the cake!

Address(X) Dalgety Bay Claustrophobia * * * * *    Top5/5

I went to see David for help in dealing with my claustrophobia. In just four sessions I could feel a remarkable change in my feelings both with the phobia and with any stressful situation. I shall be going back in the New Year for help with giving up smoking! Highly recommended and well worth the fee for which you have ample time, not just the usual hour.

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