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Hypnotherapist in Fife

A Hypnotherapist can help with many problems such as Anxiety, Weight Loss fife and Low Self-Esteem. Many of my clients have deeper issues, such as past violence or abuse, or parents who did not give them the love and support that a child needs.

In these pages, I explain what a Hypnotherapist does, how it works, what happens in a session and what can be treated in hypnosis.

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I don't do "set" treatments. Because I deal with the underlying causes of your problem, each session has to be tailored to your individual needs.

Hypnotherapist in Fife for Anxiety

Hypnotherapist really can help with many physical and psychological problems. It's not just about stopping smoking and "Gastric Band" therapy. I help people who are anxious, depressed, sad, Hypnotherapist Fife - Senior Practitionerangry, jealous and who just can't fix themselves.

Many of my clients have panic attacks, can't stop eating or thinking about food, etc., have fears and phobias, suffer from IBS or PTSD, have relationship problems (jealousy or sexual problems). Some clients have been abused or have been in difficult relationships in the past. They often feel that a parent didn't love them or treat them properly. The list seems endless. There are a lot of very unhappy people out there!

A Hypnotherapist Really Can Help

Unlike many hypnotherapists in Fife, I take a very logical and scientific approach to my work. I don't believe in "past lives" nor try to connect with spirits, etc.

Though I do see clients from as far away as London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and the Lothians, the Western Isles and, admittedly only once, a client from South Africa, most of my clients come from the Fife area.

The NHS recommends that anyone seeking a hypnotherapist should look for someone registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) see this link to NHS Choices & Hypnotherapist. David's registration number is 000082-E11. CNHC Hypnotherapist Fife logo

Many people don't know what a Hypnotherapist does. They assume they've seen a Hypnotherapist on TV, but all that is is entertainment. A Hypnotherapist uses it as a long-established tool to help people solve problems in their daily lives. A Hypnotherapist really can work.

You can call me on +44(0)1383 821177 or by email at (Note that there's a good chance that I'm with a client, so you may get my answering service - please leave a message and repeat your phone number. (Sometimes there's a crackle on the line and there's nothing worse than listening to a message and being unable to make out the phone number.)

David Stocks GHR(Reg), SQHP, NRH, RSM
2 Crowhill Road,
Dalgety Bay,
KY11 9LJ
Monday to Friday 9am - 7:30pm

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Tel: +44(0)1383 821177

David Stocks
Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapist
2 Crowhill Road, Dalgety Bay
KY11 9LJ


01383 821177
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Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapist in Fife for Anxiety, Slimming, Confidence, Surviving Abuse, etc Hypnotherapist in Fife Specialist treatment to help you deal with the underlying causes of emotional problems Product : Hypnotherapist. Sessions last 2 to 3 hours. 5 stars, based on 96 reviews
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Why I became a Hypnotherapist in Fife

My interest in becoming a Hypnotherapist came purely by chance. Most people wonder about how Hypnotherapist Fife works and why people can seem to be made to do strange things. The trouble is that Hypnotherapy is also used as entertainment. There is a world of difference between a hypnotist and a clinical hypnotherapist. Fife is my centre of operations but I do see people in Edinburgh, too.