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* * * * *     {Confidence, anxiety}

I feel hypnotherapy has changed my life considerably. Since finishing in April I have felt freer and much more positive. It seems to me that all the rubbish I have unknowingly kept in my subconcious for many many years has been blown away. I am so much happier, calmer and much less stressed now and my self confidence has increased. The reason I decided on hypnotherapy was to lose weight, I have lost two stone already and aiming to lose more, as I am so much more focussed and committed. I have found it easy to stick to a low carbohydrate diet and simple exercise programme. Before hynotherapy I never lasted on a diet for more than a couple of weeks. Any exercise left me exhausted- this is not the case now. People are noticing that I am slimmer, fitter and also that my mind is sharper.David Stocks makes the whole hynotherapy process so easy to do, he is a very skilled and positive person with a cheery disposition. I believe that hynotherapy can be a powerful tool that can enable people to be the best they can be. I am able to stop people taking a loan of me -- I could not do this before and my health suffered. I have tried many different therapies before but although some helped, hypnotherapy gave me so much more and it is very cost effective. To anyone who is thinking about hypnotherapy with David Stocks I would say -- give it a go you will be amazed at what you will gain.

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