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"Real" Information   Best Guesses & Experiments
Hours per Week Efficiency of Stressed Person
Total Workforce Rate of 100% Success
Working Days / Year Rate of 50% Improvement
Average Salary % Workforce Stressed
Overhead Rate Tot Travel Time / Session
Internal Order Costs Use Individual Orders?
Stress Absence Days
  Total Saving:   £11331  
People Absent / Year

Existing Situation   New Situation (6 People Treated) Change
People With Absences 2 People With Absences 2 No Change
People Stressed (No Absence) 4 People Stressed (No Absence) 3 Down By 1
Days Lost - Absence 15 Days Lost - Absence 11 Down By 4
Days Lost - Below Par Work 280 Days Lost - Below Par 163 Down By 117
Stress Cost/Affected Person £6250 Stress Cost/Affected Person £4424 Down By £1826
Total Cost of Stress £37500 Total Cost of Stress £22119 Down By £15381
Treatment Cost £0 Treatment Cost Inc £2400 fees £4050 Up £4050
Fees: £2400 Total Saving: £11331 ROR: 280%
Total Treated 6 Saving / Person Treated £1889
Additional Calculations
Company Information   Current Human Cost
Daily Rate inc Overhead £127.12 Days Lost / Absentee 7.5
Costs Of Hypnotherapy People Liable to Absence 2
Fee Per Person (5 Sessions) £400 No Of People Stressed 4
Cost Of Travel Time Per Person £275 Human Benefits (People)
Grand Total Additional Cost £4050 Absence Cured 0
Days Saved - Efficiency (  Cured  or  Helped ) Absence Helped by 50% 1
How Saved Stressed Cured 1
Absentees Cured: Less Absence 0 Stressed Helped by 50% 2
Absentees Cured:Equiv Days 0 Absentees' Results - Days Saved
Absentees Helped: Less Absence 4 Absence + Equiv. (Cure) 0
Absentees Helped: Equiv Days 23 Absence + Equiv. (Helped) 27
Non-Absent Cured: Equiv Days 47 Below Pars' Efficiency Results
Non-Absent Helped: Equiv Days 47 Equivalent Days (By Cure) 47
Hypnotherapy Details Equiv. Days ("Helped") 47
Average Time per Session 2 hrs
Average No of Sessions 5 Most monetary values
are rounded to the
nearest pound.
Hypnotherapy Session Fee £80
Hypnotherapy Fee Per Person £400
Total Treated 6
Travel Time
Travel Time Lost Per Client 20 hrs

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