Corporate Stress Management and Hypnotherapy

Most employers have had problems with staff reporting absent through stress in the workplace. Often, though, the employee may give another reason for absence, frequently in collusion   with their doctor. There can be a suspicion amongst colleagues that there is nothing wrong at all, and dread of what may be said or thought by workmates makes it harder for the absentee to return.

Let me treat individual members of staff who, for whatevcer reason, are losing confidence or efficiency.

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Employers are being put under growing pressure to monitor stress in the workplace and to be responsible for reducing it as much as possible as part of a Corporate Stress Management policy. Corporate Stress Management - Stress In The WorkplaceThese efforts tend to be directed toward the working environment and not toward the individual employee as a person.

Corporate Stress Management

Many employers automatically think "absence" when stress is mentioned. However, they are more likely to be losing Corporate Stress Management Fifemoney due to inefficiencies caused by those members of staff who are stressed, but who do not report sick. Only the very worst affected will feel unable to work. Most sufferers try to soldier on. They make mistakes, miss deadlines, and do not put on the best front to customers.

My name is David Stocks of Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy.I see stressed-out people every day. Many say that their work is being affected significantly. For most, the root of the problem has little or nothing to do with their working environment! Most have problems caused by traumas earlier in their lives.

There seems no point in putting a huge amount of effort into Corporate Stress Management Assessments when this work may not actually improve attendance and efficiency.

I offer a cheap and efficient way to motivate your staff and to improve how your staff feel about themselves. Please note; there is more to Hypnotherapy than relaxation! Try my Cost Benefit Analysis Tool to see how much you could save

Here are some verifiable statistics:

    #1 Stress costs UK employers £3.7 billion.
    #2 22% of all workers are concerned that their health is affected by stress.
    #3 13.7 million working days lost in the UK (HSE 2007).
    #4 41% to 56% workers have productivity affected.
    #5 Stress affects between 53% and 65% of the workforce (Regus).
    #6 Each incidence of work stress leads to 30.2 days lost.

Sources: (Click to go to links)
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#4 BBC (National Institute for Clinical Excellence)
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