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About David Stocks - Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy Fife

I help people who suffer from anxiety / panic attacks, phobias, IBS, or people who are sad, angry, jealous, or who feel out of control in some way, such as needing help to lose weight. Many of my clients have panic attacks, can't stop eating or thinking about food, etc., have fears and phobias, suffer from IBS, have relationship problems (jealousy or sexual problems). Many clients have been abused or have been in difficult relationships in the past. They often feel that a parent or partner didn't love them or treat them properly. The list seems endless. There are a lot of very unhappy people out there!

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David Stocks GHR(Reg), SQHP, NRH, RSM - Senior Hypnotherapist

Unlike many hypnotherapists, I take a very logical and scientific approach to my work. I don't believe in "past lives", nor try to connect withAbout Hypnotherapy Listen spirits, "energies" etc. I used to be a systems analyst/programmer and I look on the mind as being essentially another system. Now, no-one really knows how the brain works. However, the mind is a computer, what you get out depends upon what you put in. There IS a reason why we feel the way we feel. Major events in our lives affect us all deeply. These memories get hidden in the short-term memory.

Using Hypnosis, I help to uncover these events and move them into the Long Term Memory. Instead of feeling the emotions as if they've just happened, they feel as if they're in the dim and distant past (where they ought to be).

Hypnotherapy is one of the safest, quickest and most effective forms of treatment for the imgleft-smmajority of psychological and emotional problems. It fosters anHypnotherapy Help attitude of independence and mastery in coping with problems and can also accelerate the healing process in many physiological problems.

It always helps to have someone really listen to you, and who believes that you DO have a problem. Unfortunately, most doctors simply don't have time to really listen to their patients and so understand the whole person. They are pressured to quickly prescribe medicine for individual symptoms, or to do nothing. I believe that if you feel ill, then you are ill!

Hypnotherapy will almost always improve how you feel about yourself, inside. Note that Hypnotherapy seldom achieves a 100% cure.