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David Stocks GHR(Reg), SQHP, NRH, RSM
2 Crowhill Road
Dalgety Bay
KY11 9LJ
Tel:       +44(0)1383 821177

Note that I may be with a client when you call, so please be ready to leave a message. (I do understand that, for some people, it can take quite a bit of courage and heart-searching to finally pick up the phone So, don't worry if you get flustered using answering machines - I do understand.)
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Tel: +44(0)1383 821177

David Stocks
Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy
2 Crowhill Road, Dalgety Bay
KY11 9LJ


01383 821177
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The Appointment Diary below is a new feature. It is designed to help you by showing all the free "slots" in the next couple of months. Please note it takes a little time to update it, so it may sometimes be slightly out of date. I divide my day into Morning (M), Afternoon (A) and Evening (E) slots. These slots will normally be around 2 hours in length, but the first session always lasts around 3 hours, (so morning sessions for New clients have to start at 10am, not 11am, to allow for my lunch.)

Those days with no Green letters (M, A or E) are fully booked.

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