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I see many women who are worried about the birth of their child. They may be dreading the pain and discomfort, or be worried about the future. Often they have a feeling that they are supposed to be enjoying this wonderful experience, and that they are missing out somehow.

The idea is to teach the client how to hypnotise herself very quickly and easily. It is possible to practice relaxation so often that you can relax during any ordeal - even childbirth! I have to add a disclaimer here because, unfortunately, it doesn't always help. Please don't expect a miracle cure.

My approach is first of all to ensure that there is nothing from the past that is at the root of tany anxiety. This is very important. The roots of most or all insecurities and anxieties come from the past.

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Dealing With Anxieties Around Childbirth

I then teach my patients how to hypnotise themselves and to relax even during the birth. It is possible, Hypnobirthing Fifewith about half of the population, to use this self-hypnosis to significantly reduce pain.

There are some Hypnobirthing Fife - stresstherapists who specialise in Hypnobirthing. (Unfortunately, there are also some,to my mind, unscrupulous "therapists" who have tried to copyright this expression.) Sessions also will often include the birth partner. The idea is to show the partner how to encourage the mum to hypnotise herself. There is nothing fundamentally different about the hypnotic techniques used for Hypnobirthing.

Often, Hypnobirthing training seems much more about the medical processes and various stages of childbirth, than actual hypnosis techniques. I must say that I don't really see the point in concentrating on the medical side, as the hypnotherapist won't need to double as a midwife! The mum-to-be would be best served by obtaining this kind of information and help from someone who is properly qualified and has years of training in midwifery. Specialist Hypnobirthing can be pretty expensive, especially as it sometimes involves the therapist actually attending the birth.

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