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IVF treatment can be very stressful. The thought that one may not be able to conceive can come as a dreadful shock. For many women, all other aspects of their lives seem to take a back seat. The feeling of being "incomplete" or a "failure as a woman" can be overwhelming.

The focus on the ovulation cycle, together with the terrible highs and lows of the treatment itself can tear couples apart. Sex becomes a mechanical act with a single purpose. There is no spontaneity any more, so it stops having anything to do with love, or sharing, or fun.

I have to add a disclaimer here because, unfortunately, it doesn't always help. Please don't expect a miracle cure.

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Doubling Fertility Treatment Success Rates Using Hypnotherapy

When treatment starts, the powerful drugs used can knock a woman's body for six! They can result in depression and weight gain - adding to her bad feelings about herself. Unfortunately, the weight gain can last for years. IVF Stress Lady

 In nature, many animals often do not conceive if they are stressed in any way. Many IVF Stress Fife Hypnotherapy animal studies confirm this. It makes evolutionary sense not to add an extra burden to life, if things are already difficult. This means that the very process that tries to help women conceive may undermine itself by being so stressful.

My approach is to first of all, make sure that she can relax properly. Being tense all the time creates a sense that life will always be like thai, and always has been. As I describe elsewhere, the treatment involves making sure that there are no other problems lurking under the surface and which are adding to the stress and strain.

Hypnotherapy really can help. Research has shown that Hypnotherapy can "double IVF success rate" (see BBC article below). A team from Soroka University, Israel, found 28% of women in the group who had hypnotherapy treatment became pregnant, compared with 14% of those who were not.

As reported in BBC:-


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