Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Just stop smoking! To non-smokers sounds so easy and yet it is one of the hardest things to do. I know - I smoked for years myself - starting at 12 years old. Despite what some may say, stopping smoking is still difficult to do using hypnosis.

The danger is that you start snacking instead!

I may be able to help you, but it takes time and effort.  I have to add a disclaimer here because, unfortunately, hypnotherapy treatment doesn't always help. Please don't expect a miracle cure: it's not going to happen.

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Help to Stop Smoking

Perhaps 1 in 10 of the general population is particularly easy to hypnotise. These people tend to do achieve good results relatively easily, no matter how good the therapist. They are the ones who tell their friends to go to "the such-and-such hypnotist Stop Smoking Fifein town because he stopped me in ONE SESSION!"

The trouble is most of his or her friends who then try it find that it takes a lot more than one session. (They tend not to tell anyone that they've been to someone who guaranteed results, but it didn't work.)

Too often people are not prepared to work at it: Just Fix Me!" They expect the Hypnotherapist to take away all the withdrawal symptoms. For the majority of the population, this is a bit unreasonable! YOU have to be determined to stop

Another aspect of smoking is that it satisfies a deep need for comfort in the same way as a baby feels safer sucking a dummy, or people bite their nails. Smoking is an oral habit.

I know it sounds a bit strange, but for most people, it is important to address why they need this comfort, and this means looking at their past to find out what happened that can still cause problems now. This takes time.

Many clients expect to get a quick "blast" of hypnosis and ("Tada!") they're non-smokers. This is because too many hypnotherapists out there (almost) guarantee that they will make you stop, often after only one session. This then creates an unrealistic expectation as to how easy it is to stop with hypnosis.

Some people are very responsive to Hypnotherapy and actually DO quit after one session. many people who do respond to Suggestions often start again after a few weeks or months.

This is because the therapist did not tackle the real reason why they couldn't stop by themselves. Whatever was going on in their minds is still there. For this reason, you are well advised to avoid any therapist who guarantees that you will stop smoking.

I have helped many, many clients to stop in one session. I just won't guarantee it because it usually takes longer.

There is nothing rational about smoking! There is not one good reason to smoke, or not to stop. There are, however, scores of reasons not to smoke. You really don't need ME to tell you again. If the need to smoke was coming from a rational part of your brain, you would stop in a heartbeat. In my view, there is no point in doctors banging on about why people should stop smoking by explaining what can go wrong! People know all this already. It may motivate them to want to stop, but it doesn't help to achieve it. (You may find this Support Group useful.)

The need to smoke comes from the Unconscious Mind. This is the very secret, private part of your mind where all your feelings come from; all your memories; everything that's ever happened to you. This part of your mind is not rational. It doesn't respond to logical argument.

(Consider the situation where you meet someone ... and you just don't like them. They don't feel right, somehow. There is no reason to dislike them - it just happens.) This feeling comes from somewhere. Something negative must have happened in the past: some event that is being triggered by something familiar. It could be the colour of the person's shoes, or the way he or she stands.

Another peculiar problem with the Unconscious Mind is that it doesn't really understand time. You feel feelings now! You're not hungry last year or next week - you're hungry now.

The trouble is, this same part of your mind also thinks that you need to smoke. It feels that something Stop Smoking Fifebad will happen if you don't keep having cigarettes. There is no logical reason for this either - again, it just happens.

The chances are that something happened, often in the dim and distant past, which created anxiety. If the event wasn't properly dealt with, it's still kind of "in the queue" to be dealt with - along with all the genuinely new stuff.

In other words, traumatic events often remain stuck in the short-term memory. This means that the feelings of anxiety, fear, hurt, etc., feel as if they are in the present. Because the Unconscious doesn't understand what's happening, it associates the anxiety with the fact that you're not currently smoking.

It sounds weird - but there it is.

Whilst a number of clients do manage to stop in a single session, realistically it's going to take more like 3 sessions. If you're unhappy, stressed, feel low, etc., there will be a part of you that feels it NEEDS cigarettes. We'll need to fix these underlying problems first, so it may take more like 4 or even 5 sessions. Of course, you may not stop smoking at all.

Everybody's different!

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