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Please take time to read our terms and condition as it is important that you understand the relationship relating to your use of this website and the services described on this website.

  • If our terms & conditions are not accepted by you in full, the use of this site must be terminated.
  • Booking a Session and /or paying a deposit will be seemed to be acceptance of all the Terms & Conditions

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Prices are per session. Whilst, under normal circumstances, 2 hours are set aside for each session, sessions take as long as they take. Most sessions take less than the full two hours and some may take more.

There is no pro-rata time rate. Clients must advise the therapist if there is a definite time when the session must end. In this circumstance, the therapist will decide whether the session can reasonably go ahead, and, if there is not sufficient time, the session fee is still liable.

If you call to postpone a session without allowing 3 full working days, you may be charged half the full rate for the missed session. If you fail to appear for a session, the full fee is still liable.

The cost of each session is £90. Occasionally, someone who really needs help genuinely cannot afford the normal fee. For example an unemployed single mum. In such cases, I may be able to sort something out, so please call me, anyway.


There is a "Rolling" deposit of £30, which is payable on booking. This mean that each time a session is booked, the deposit must be in place.

The deposit will be deducted from the cost of the Final Session.

If the client does not attend an arranged session, the deposit is forfeit.

If the client wishes to cancel or postpone a session, but does not provide three FULL working day's notice of this change, the deposit will be forfeit.


  • The Deposit is only refundable when the client provides three FULL working day's notice
  • Banks charge for every electronic and cash transaction. There is also a significant extra bank charge for refunds. To recover this cost, and the extra administration, this cost may be deducted from every refund.

If a deposit has been paid for a session but that session is subsequently postponed indefinitely, (and the required notice has been given), then the deposit will be forfeited if a replacement session is not booked to take place within 6 months of the postponed session.

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